Wonderful to have you here -
thank you for your interest!

As someone who has grown up with 2 completely different cultures – my mum Korean and my father German – I have always been able to identify with “being different”, “not fitting in”…

I had the feeling to lack a very clear and defined identity and had a very strong longing to be a real part of a community, a local group, a city – something.

This never really happened.

I left home after high school, went to Korea to learn the language, met my French boyfriend (now husband) there, studied law until the very end, had to take care of and bury my Dad, moved to France – and still realized that I belonged: nowhere.

It was not until I started to go to NYC and taking lessons at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute that I realized that this feeling, that compassion – that I always had for others, this longing to identify with somebody else – is not such a bad thing.

Robert Castle at the Institute – to whom I owe my decision to go into acting – encouraged me.

The way was – and still is – paved with obstacles.

But slowly things started to make sense: my love to music, to dance, to dive into stories and sounds, even my friends – and I have so close and good friends now! – and my new family.

Now I am here -thankful- being able to write to you on my first really professional Homepage – and you are still reading!! 🙂

I still do feel like an outsider from time to time – but now I know this is a tool, this longing is something good – and helps me to feel real empathy.

Have fun exploring and stay true to yourself!
Love, Anja